Throughout my life I have spent every spare moment painting and being creative. In 2017 my dream of becoming a full-time artist was realised and Arty Farky was born. Once a self-taught hobby, painting has now become the best full-time job I have ever had.


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I can help you add atmosphere and connectivity to your space, so please feel free to get in touch. You may want meditation art for your bedroom, or abstract nature art to make a statement in your living room. I love to also do commissions, so please get in touch for your special piece of art and I will help you achiever your dreams.

Enjoy the process, love the result.


absolutely love Autumn, it is definitely my favourite season. I love to walk in nature and immerse myself in the colours and textures.

My golden Labrador, Bella, loves to immerse herself in the puddles of any season, and become one with her inner chocolate lab.

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