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I have always been rather creative, probably due to growing up in a household where my mother worked from home as a seamstress. There were always fabrics of many patterns lying around the house, and the sewing machine was a prominent feature. She was a very driven and practical woman, juggling a (more    than) full-time self-employed job, and a family of 3 young children. Her drive has in no doubt influenced me, as I have always strived to do well in everything I put my mind to.










When the opportunity to study art in a meaningful way came along at secondary school, I enthusiastically and passionately let it encompass as much of my life as possible. I loved abstract atmospheric art, and even while studying subjects such as chemistry and biology, I would envision how I could portray these aspects in vibrant oil and chalk paintings. Any free period, or lunchtime I had, I would spend in the art department. I would mostly be working on my portfolio so as I could study Textile and Fashion Design at University. There I specialised in printed fabric, which ultimately allowed me to continue to draw and paint as part of my design degree.










On leaving university, I worked in fashion retail, moved to London, and continued painting in my spare time, exhibiting whenever possible. Now, having a young family of my own, I also have been give the most wonderful opportunity to embark on my art career again, producing original fine art for sale online, and at local exhibitions.


I am an artist with a passion for light, texture and nature; generally drawing inspiration from these elements. Growing up by the sea, my love of water and the fleeting nature of light itself, pushes me to try to achieve an emotional response to seascapes, landscapes, and skyscapes on canvas or paper.















I enjoy strong contrasts in colour, and the challenge of marrying hues in interesting and compelling ways, creating dramatic sky paintings which can be somewhat abstract in nature. To this end, I work mostly in oils, but also love the combined softness and vibrancy of pastels. I find both of these mediums allow me to be quite free in my expression, and loose in the application of colour and form.

Fashion Design Models
Screen Printing
Sewing Machine
Image by Jamie Davies
Artist Profile: Inner_about
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