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  • The sky is a canvas of pink, blue, and yellow; soft and mellow. The colours blend and swirl in perfect harmony, creating a picture that's both serene and dreamy. The mountain sketch stands tall and proud, a rugged outline reflecting the cloud above. It's peaks and valleys etched darkly, a stark contrast to sky's pastel track.


    This painting captures the beauty of nature's art, a reminder of the peace that lies within our hearts, a moment frozen in time, a memory to keep. Because this dreamscape creates a calming a relaxing atmosphere, it would be perfect in a bedroom. The different hues would help to make a peaceful and serene environment which is very conducive to restful sleep and relaxation. The mountain sketch within the painting also adds a sense of depth and perspective to the room, creating a focal point and drawing the eye to the unique style and welcoming feeling.

    Colour Me High

    • SIZE:

      • 42cm x 30cm
      • 16.5" x 12"
      • A3


      • Pastel on Pastelmat


      • 2021
      • Certificate of authenticity included
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