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Patriarchy Chicken

You may have played this before, you may have never heard of it, but if you're a woman, you've probably been subjected to the opposite. Although it's not really the opposite, because the man just accepts that the woman will be submissive, get out of the way, make space for his 'more important' self.

Women have been socially taught to take up less space, be less intrusive, apologise for existing at all. So when we navigate a street, we scan and dodge, keeping out of the way of men (yes, not ALL men), who walk as if they should not be made to make any detours from their goal....sounds a bit like other aspects of life....

When my friend decided to play this game she bumped into 16 men in one day! Three of which were proper body slams....did I say this game may cause bruising? She was also sworn at for not looking where she was going!

Still want to play? It's easy, although in these covid times it may pose more risk than a few bruises. All you do is walk like a man. Assume others will move out of your way. If a man is walking towards you, do not change trajectory. Pretend you don't see them, but brace yourself for:

a) a stand-off where he will stop and look at you, assuming you will move - don't. Instead, silently count how many seconds it takes for him to move around you, then go on your way.

b) a body-slam, and possibly some derogatory comments about looking where you are going - btw, if you can get in quick enough, you can turn that around to your advantage

c) coffee all over you - best practice is not to play while carrying hot drinks

Obviously be a good person and as you normally would, get out of the way of children and wheelchair users.

Use #patriarchychicken to record your results so we can all find out what happens (bonus points awarded for videos!)

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