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Holding On

As a finalist (woohoo!) of the Sketch for Survival competition 2021, I would like to further help the 21 for 21 Project Fund raise more money for conservation projects around the world.

So, as well as the money my artwork will make from being auctioned off (alongside, may I add, celebrities and national treasures such as Dame Judi Dench, Richard E Grant and Stephen Fry!) I will donate 21%, of all 'Holding On' prints purchased, to the 21 for 21 Project Fund. Every time 21 prints have been sold, I will donate a further £21.

I need your help to do this!

Please click on the links below to purchase your print, and help amazing conservation projects all over the world. You can also find out more about this fantastic competition, see all 100 finalists, plus read all about the 21 for 21 Project, where you can donate direct, join Explorers Against Extinction, and find out when you can visit the Oxo Tower in London to see all the amazing art that will make a massive difference to the lives of many. 


Sketch For Survival Results

Click here to be taken to the Explorer's Against Extinction page where you can view all the results from the Sketch for Survival Competition plus have a look at the other work they do!

Come along to the Oxo Tower in London between the 17th and 28th November 2021, where all 100 finalists will have their work exhibited alongside the Invitational Collection (which includes work from celebrities such as Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry, Fearne Cotton and Richard E Grant!) The artwork will be sold via an online auction concluding Sunday 28 November with all proceeds supporting  the 21 For 21 Project Fund.

Holding On.jpeg

Holding On

For every purchase of this Giclée print, I will donate 21% to the 21 for 21 Project Fund. Every time 21 are sold, I will donate a further £21 on top. Here is a little about why I chose to paint this elephant.

I experience a very strong emotional response to the loss of all elephants, but I have been particularly inspired by the African Forest Elephant due to their small size, red hues, and the fact that they are so good at hiding in the continually depleting forest, that they must be counted by their dung piles. I have illustrated the calf holding onto its mother’s tusk, giving an obvious heart-wrenching message about who the ivory belongs to, while the forest colours all around at once, try to hide the elephants from our cruel human world while also representing the disappearance of these amazing animals.


21 for 21 Project Fund

Click here to find out more about this amazing project which is helping conservation areas around the world in 21 places.

You can help by donating directly, or purchasing a print of my Holding On painting, the original of which will be auctioned off to raise even more money for this worthy cause.

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